One Day at a Time: ACA Compliance

Business owners are confused about how and when to comply with the regulatory provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  When the law first passed, we prepared compliance implementation schedules for our clients, and encouraged them to be proactive in making changes.  By the end of the first year, the dates and provisions changed so often, that we encouraged a much more reactionary approach.

Winds of Change?

This change is further complicated by the uncertain political environment.  The upcoming presidential election gives the voters two clear choices.  The President wants to continue the implementation of his plan while Governor Romney is committed to repeal and replace.  Current polls show the race to be close, so no one can get a clear picture of the future.  For many small businesses, the cost of health care coverage is one of the biggest expenses incurred, and an unclear direction causes anxiety.

Planning for the Future

How does a business owner make plans?  Currently, the recommended path is to comply with the provisions as they arise.  It is imperative to be in compliance, but not spend too much time and effort making changes pursuing provisions which occur too far in the future. 

At Caravus, we are committed to helping our clients achieve that balance and deliver the best possible outcomes.  We continue to contact clients with regulatory updates, both electronically and in person.  Our promise to provide accurate information is unwavering as we collectively take part in this fluctuating world of health care reform.

Be well.