What is Online Underwriting?

The majority of our clients have health insurance plans which run on a calendar year.  As the health plan comes up for renewal, the client will normally experience a change in premium and, as a result, will have to decide if they are going to renew with their current plan or shop the market for a richer and more cost-effective plan. 

Caravus wants to simplify and ease this process for our clients.  We partnered with FormFire several years ago and are often asked questions about the service.  We hope we can answer a few with this blog. 

An online interactive interview, FormFire is HIPAA compliant and operates with private and secure technology.  It does not require any software installation and maintenance.  FormFire does not gather rates from insurance carriers; it simply gathers underwriting information for them.  It is not a guarantee of insurance coverage and employers will not have access to personal data.  Groups with 100 or fewer employees may use this system to input their basic and medical information in one central location instead of filling out multiple health insurance carrier applications. 


FormFire is set up in a way that makes logical sense.  For example, if you declare that you have a spouse in one question, directly after that you will be prompted to answer if your spouse will be covered or waived.  As you go through the questionnaire you may come across questions that you don’t understand or know how to answer — FormFire provides definitions and explanations for your convenience.  You can read the many reviews available on FormFire.com to see how real customers feel about the process. 

Convenient and Efficient

When your group’s health plan comes up for renewal, your employer may request that you fill out paper applications for each carrier your company wants to quote.  This process can be time consuming and often times stressful.  Paper applications do not alert the applicant of any errors while filling it out, leading to more outstanding information.  The carriers will have to turn around and request this missing information from Caravus; Caravus will turn around and request the information from the client.  FormFire provides a solution to much of the missing information and saves time lost with paper applications. 

Your Information is Secure

Your medical information is extremely important; FormFire knows this and respects your privacy.  They partner with security firms that regularly check the site to ensure all personal data is safe.  Many users enjoy the ability to fill out the application in the comfort their own home and can trust that the information won’t be lost or stolen.

Help is Readily Available

If the computer is not your best friend, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate through different areas of the Internet.  Thankfully, those at FormFire understand this and are easily available to help.  If you experience technical issues, the friendly staff is just a phone call or email message away and will reply with an answer in less than 24 hours.  FormFire also provides tips and advice for completing the application. 

Take It with You

In today’s world it is very common for employees to move from one company to another; if both the old company and new company use FormFire for their health insurance enrollment, all your information will still exist in FormFire. You simply have to switch your employer within the questionnaire and it’s easily moved into the new employer group. 

While FormFire may not be for everyone, it’s just another example of how Caravus is striving to provide top-notch services to clients.