Welcome, Chelsea Young!

Walking into a new position at the busiest time of year is no easy task but Chelsea Young made it look easy.  Chelsea joined Caravus in September as an eligibility coordinator, learning to balance both enrollment and eligibility issues during the demanding fourth quarter.

“I think it paid off though because I have definitely learned a lot and the issues that seemed so complicated in the beginning are a quick fix for me now,” said Chelsea, who earned her Missouri Health and Life broker license in November.

Caravus Partner J.J. Flotken says she has taken over all of the responsibilities of her position without a hitch.

“Chelsea has a great attitude and tackles any of the challenges that are thrown at her,” he said.  “She’s a great asset to the Caravus team.”

Along with her eligibility coordinator position, Chelsea is the first point of contact for clients when they visit or call our office.  Treating clients with the utmost respect is a top priority for everyone at Caravus, including Chelsea.  She’s also learned from previous job experience to always follow-up on client issues.

“My (former) boss could have written a book on following up.  Those words came out of his mouth 50 times a day because he was so paranoid we wouldn’t,” she said.  “It was frustrating at the time but I actually was kidding around with him a couple of weeks ago about how much that has paid off for me now.”

Working for a small business can be challenging at times but Chelsea says she has been pleasantly surprised by Caravus.

“Everyone here is extremely friendly and because of that, it doesn’t feel like a chore coming to work every day,” she said.  “Yes, we all have our bad days – I know I do and I’m sure I show it.  But for the most part everyone is always smiling, asking how you are doing and making jokes… just down to Earth.  It’s been a very easy transition to work here thanks to all of my co-workers.”

On a Personal Note…

Chelsea was born in Springfield, MA, but moved to Millstadt, IL, at the age of 5.  In 2012, her parents moved to Memphis, TN, but Chelsea decided to put down roots in St. Louis.

In high school she began running short distance track and exceled at it but the longer distances were a bit of a challenge.

“I couldn’t run a mile for the life of me,” Chelsea said.  “Then, thanks to an app on my phone, I started long distance running 2 ½ years ago and I haven’t stopped since.  I ran my first 10k this year and I plan to run a half marathon next year.  It’s my New Year’s resolution.”

Along with running, she is a huge fan of music and attends a show at least once a month if not more.

“A lot of people say this, but I have a passion for it,” Chelsea said.  “It gives me a great sense of happiness and I don’t know how the world would be without it.”