Farewell & Best Wishes to Kathi Travaglini

It is with a sad farewell that we are saying goodbye to Kathi Travaglini on May 1.  After almost four years of dedicated service to several hundred clients, Kathi has decided to retire. She has dedicated her career to the client service industry, beginning with 22 years at Southwestern Bell, and an additional seven years working at her husband's independent insurance firm.  Upon his unfortunate passing, Kathi joined Caravus as a client service coordinator.

Her strong desire to help people and resolve their issues made her a terrific fit.  As her appreciation grew, it was not unusual for her to receive thank you emails from company administrators and even flowers from grateful employees.  Kathi enjoyed working with our clients and the Caravus staff because, as she stated, "It is a wonderful organization because it is so client-focused."

On a personal note, Kathi is soon to be married, and has four step-daughters and one step-son.  She also has a 10-year-old cockapoo by the name of Millie who gets plenty of tender loving care!

When asked what she plans on doing during retirement, Kathi said she is taking the summer off to soak up the sun before making plans for her next life chapter.  Her goal is to workout on a daily basis and catch up on her reading and travel.  However, she readily admits that she has a weakness for shopping, especially for great shoes and jewelry!

We will miss you, Kathi, but wish you the very best...

Sandy and everyone at Caravus