Relentless Service to Ensure Outstanding Results

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a client who raved about Caravus’ service. This person had some serious health problems, significant claim issues, and was frustrated by the “system”.  One call to Caravus and she was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of support and advocacy. commentsHer appreciation was effusive as she talked about how nice it is to have someone answer a phone, listen, understand her problem, and get back to her promptly with an accurate answer. We all have experienced poor service – whether in a store or on the phone.  When I hear that line, “Your call is important to us”, I know I am going to be stuck in an endless loop of voicemail prompts.

Service is in our DNA at Caravus. We take pride in giving the personal attention our clients expect and deserve.  We appreciate the calls and emails thanking us for delivering excellence.  A friendly, knowledgeable, live person beats technology any day of the week.  Our personal commitment is to continue offering relentless service to ensure outstanding results.

Be well.