Your Advocate & Health Insurance Consultant

As a Caravus Individual Market consultant, clients often ask about my role and how it fits with their search for health coverage. While the tasks can differ based on an individual’s needs, it can be summed up easily:  I am your advocate.

We live in an era of evolving rules and regulations, confusing definitions of coverage, and a multitude of health insurance options.  Even with today’s technological advantages, it’s imperative to have an advocate on your side, guiding you through the ins and outs of individual health insurance options.

Understanding Benefits:  Marketplace & Private Market

On-exchange or off-exchange? Subsidy or tax credit? QHDHPs, PPOs, HMOs? These are all choices and decisions that need to be made when selecting a health plan. A consultant can guide you through understanding the benefits and disadvantages of every plan option available, and can pinpoint a specific policy that will work best for you.  Before making a benefits with clipboardrecommendation, consultants take numerous factors into consideration such as medical needs, primary and specialty doctors, prescriptions, and your health coverage budget.  With this knowledge, your consultant performs a market analysis and creates a personalized proposal for you and your family.  The proposal is narrowed down after discussing your options and determining the optimum route moving forward.

Advocate When Working With Carriers

Your consultant and service team are available to help beyond the initial plan recommendation.  As your direct carrier contact and advocate, we have access to behind-the-scenes details and information that can be extremely useful when an issue occurs.  Whether it is a major issue such as a claims discrepancy or a minor issue like a billing inquiry, you can contact us and know we will do everything in our power to assist with the matter.  Think of your individual consultant as your policy knowledge source and expert in policy service, ready to help if needed.

Working With a Caravus Consultant is No Extra Cost

Yes, you read that correctly. From analysis to recommendation and service to renewal, you will not be billed for your Individual Market consultant’s assistance. Pricing for benefits, whether on or off-exchange, are the same regardless of if you choose to enroll online through the marketplace, contact the carrier directly, or work with a consultant. By choosing to receive help from a consultant, you have the added comfort of knowing that you have someone on your team through the complicated market.

At Caravus, we believe life is meant to be lived to the fullest and health is a key ingredient to a life well lived.  We, as your consultants, are here to take this from complex to simple, and walk you through everything that needs to be done so you can focus on what matters to you.

For more information, contact a Caravus Individual Market consultant today.