Caravus Case Study #2: “Finding new solutions for an existing client.”

At Caravus, keeping our clients healthy and secure is in our DNA.  We want to share a few of our success stories with you through the case studies highlighted in our news feed.


Wealth management firm.

The Challenge

This company has been a long-standing client of ours. In fact, they’ve been with Caravus since they started their business. However, industry market fluctuations and a rapidly growing number of employees have made it increasingly difficult for them to remain efficient internally. Controlling costs to minimize the effect on employees became a top priority.

Their Goals

Every hour an employee spends on paperwork is an hour that could be put to better use elsewhere. Our client needed to simplify their health care paperwork, and the Open Enrollment process, for all involved.

Our Insights

With the changing health care landscape, Caravus stepped in to do a big-picture analysis. We identified the areas where we could help, and provided day-to-day assistance with the new plan set-up.

Through this market examination, we were able to provide our client with a range of benefit strategy opportunities: to streamline their benefits management, control costs, and give their increasingly younger employee population the choice they were demanding.

We Made The Complex Simple

By implementing Caravus Connect, our client is now able to provide easy access to health benefits – and benefit selection – to their employees.

How It's Going

With Caravus Connect, there’s a wealth of information online for employees, and administration has become extremely efficient. Now we have a new dynamic with a seasoned client – they’re more comfortable than ever about reaching out to us for any issues they might have.

Keeping existing clients happy, and relationships fresh… it’s in our DNA.