Caravus Case Study #7: “Serving those who serve their communities.”

At Caravus, keeping our clients healthy and secure is in our DNA.  We want to share a few of our success stories with you through the case studies highlighted in our news feed.

The Challenge

Working with municipalities takes knowledge and know-how. And when those processes directly involve city or town employees, the stakes are even higher.

Caravus has extensive experience working with many different municipalities in the St. Louis region. We understand the intricacies of partnering with Mayors’ offices, city councils and administrators to define and implement benefits strategies. Serving their constituents daily to resolve issues in the administration of their plans is a top priority.

Following are three examples of our experience in the municipality space.

Client #1: St. Louis County fire protection district

Their Goals Frustrated in the lack of ability to get claims data – and with managing and reacting to the actual claims themselves – the District staff was seeking competitive bids to get the most value for their plan at the lowest price.

We Made The Complex Simple The Caravus team explained how self-funding could be a long-term benefit strategy to save money. Working through approvals with the Chief, administrative officers, and the union, the District chose a self-funding product that offered cost control and quality service. Staff had access to claims reporting on a monthly basis, which helped justify their ongoing costs. Caravus also served as the District’s plan administrator, so any questions or issues about ID cards, claims issues, coverage or anything else came right to Caravus to handle. Caravus to the rescue!

Client #2: St. Louis County municipality

Their Goals Every year, the City saw increases in their health benefit costs. In recent years, they also started seeing significant increases in Emergency Room visits – indicating employees’ possible misuse or misunderstanding of how best to use their plans. The City was looking to find the best plan for the best value, while also finding carriers to offer continued education to their employees about how to use their health care plans.

We Made The Complex Simple Seeking out a competitive bid, Caravus identified the carriers that could offer the right solution to their varied needs. Caravus selected a reputable, national carrier, which resulted in lowered rates for the City, and increased opportunities to educate employees on better ways to use their health care.

Client #3: St. Louis County municipality

Their Goals The City experienced high rate increases year after year, as well as frustration over the lack of claims data to justify those increases. City staff was looking to find plans that could offer the most value at the lowest price.

We Made The Complex Simple In conducting a competitive bid on behalf of the client, Caravus recommended moving the City to a self-funded plan. This model not only offered monthly claims reporting but a robust wellness program to help City employees’ progress toward better health. The self-funded strategy, insight into claims information and a streamlining of administrative issues was a win-win-win for this long-term Caravus client.

How It’s Going With These Municipalities

Lower claims costs and simplified claims data are just some of the benefits these clients have seen by working with Caravus. In many cases, we have provided opportunities to educate employees on better ways to use their health care, and helped clean up administrative issues with online tools and resources. It’s a great feeling to offer help and guidance to those who serve our community.

Serving those who serve us. It’s definitely in our DNA.