Fourth Quarter Rush

The fourth and final quarter of the year is a busy time for most businesses.  Between closing out year-end activities and planning for the next 12 months, many are stretched a little thinner than usual. We know health insurance costs are on the minds of most and the vast majority of our clients have policies that renew at the end of the year.  From obtaining claims and census data, to creating and distributing proposal requests to carriers, to preparing analytics and communicating the right options – we’re here to simplify the complex for our clients.

Every year, we start planning months before fourth quarter starts.  Why?  We want to ensure our clients have the resources and experience of our team at their disposal for a smooth and efficient renewal process in this especially busy time.  Since day one, our primary mission has been – and always will be – to help clients navigate their health plan so they can focus on other, more important things in their hectic day.

Be well.