Why You Should Challenge Your Office to Drink More Water

If you’re looking for a fun and beneficial inner office activity, a water drinking competition is the perfect choice.  

The Caravus office just wrapped our first ever water drinking competition titled “Carachug”. Thanks to Healthish, the competition was easy. The wellness company’s hero product is a water bottle that guides you when to drink water and how much to drink per day. Fill up your bottle twice a day and finish all the water! To track everyone’s progress, we created a board outlining the challenge dates. Every day your hydration goal was met, a star was placed next to your name.  

Even though the competition was office wide, the real competition was with yourself. Achieving the small victory of drinking enough water could potentially lead to big changes. The benefits of proper water consumption are vast. Some of the many benefits of drinking water include better kidney function, skin health, and weight-loss. This article highlights all the amazing benefits of drinking water along with facts about water and the human body.

Promoting health and wellness within an organization can be confusing, hard to follow, and sometimes impossible. Drinking water is simple. Any employer looking for a fun office activity that truly adds value to their employees’ lives should look no further.

Robby Baker