what we do

We simplify the complex choice of health coverage so that individuals and businesses can navigate their health plan in a way that they feel secure, comfortable, and free to focus on what matters to them.


Advocates working for you

We know health coverage is complicated and no one can be an expert at everything. We also recognize being an independent firm gives us the leeway to bring together the best of the best in the healthcare industry.

We’re not tethered by the red tape and bureaucracy of a large corporation. Instead, we can seek out the partner that works for you.


Technology backed by an expert team

Human resource technology will soon be a commodity — but the people behind it will be the differentiator. We learned long ago that technology is only as good as the person who programs it, the person who supports it and the person who deploys it. 

This is why Caravus has invested so much to bring you the most talented team the industry has to offer.

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We’re a mix of industry veterans and fresh talent committed to connecting you with the right coverage solutions that meet your distinct needs.


Strategy, client service, and everything in between

Simplifying health coverage doesn’t mean setting you up with a plan and sending you on your way. We support you through every step of our process and anticipate changes to the industry and your needs.

Our team members are not only experts in thoughtful analysis, but also proactive client service professionals.


Data-backed decisions made by industry experts

We listen. We know it is our job to ask the right questions and our responsibility to find the unknown answers. Our team uses proprietary analytical software to do the heavy lifting. With careful analysis, we recommend the best possible solutions.

Ultimately, we save you time and empower you to feel good about your choices.

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“Caravus always quickly responds to any question we have and explains the answer in a language we can understand. We would be lost without their exceptional services.”

— karla, medical supplies & equipment firm