Welcome to Caravus!

For over 34 years, we’ve served our clients in the Missouri and Illinois benefits marketplace.  While our name may have changed, we remain committed to the same philosophies and values that led us to the company we are today.  Welcome to the new version of us.  Caravus.

We believe our new name reflects us in a bright new light.  We’re so proud of where we are headed and where we’ve been through the years.  One thing, however, has never changed - our values.  We live by them and hope they resonate through everything we do.  To keep us true to them, we have prominently displayed them in detail on our new site.

Why the name “Caravus”?  In conjunction with our new imagery and branding, we trust our new moniker reflects what we do best - assisting our clients, protecting our clients, taking care of our clients.  Our look is fresh and clean, providing a clear view within an industry of growing complexity. 

Our look isn’t the only thing that is changing.  Caravus provides a new beginning for us - intent on introducing new technologies, expanding services and establishing new service lines.  In the coming months, clients will hear from us in new ways.  By expanding how and when we communicate, Caravus will create multiple touch points with clients.  Our goal?  Providing not only timely, clear and concise information, but also vital information that lights a clear path forward as clients navigate the growing maze of health care.

We hope you join us on this exciting journey. 

Be well.


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