Creating a Brand

The past few months have taught me two things about a company rebranding:  It doesn't happen accidentally and it shouldn't happen easily.  Rebranding a company with over 34 years of history should take time, a great deal of collective input and a strategic partner with unparalleled experience.

I’ll give you the short version of our months-long rebranding undertaking. The mission began with fact-finding through client interviews, market research and an analysis of the changing health care landscape. The “discovery” phase concluded with the selection of our strategic branding partner, TOKY.

From the start, we tasked TOKY with an aggressive timeline and audacious goals. Luckily for Caravus, they were up to the challenge. With their nurturing guidance, we were pointed toward the fresh, clean look we were seeking. Subsequently, our branding company selection was further validated.

In the Caravus office, we speculated as to how TOKY’s creative team saw the whole process. On March 1, they gave us a peek into their thoughts with a blog on their website.

For the full story with pictures click here.

Paper Suite

Post-launch has revealed a few additional surprises including an introduction to the world of branding and creative critical review.  Of course you wonder how others perceive your new brand after the blood, sweat and tears put into creating it.  We were pleasantly suprised upon seeing the Caravus brand critiques from a number of significant publications in the region.  We are proud to share their thoughts through the links below. 

St. Louis Egotist - Caravus

Adsaint - Caravus

We appreciate the support and warm reception Caravus has received from everyone.  We're received many positive comments about the rebranding, furthering our belief that Caravus is the right fit for us and for you.