100 Days and Counting

In less than 100 days, this country will experience its largest “open enrollment” period in history.  Yes, on October 1, concurrent with a massive public relations program, the Health Care Exchange (or Marketplace) is to be open for enrollment.

Pressure mounts on the Federal Government to be ready to handle as many as 20 million applicants and even more people calling for information.  This massive administrative logistic will be handled by thousands of temporary workers at call centers.  Hiring and training has already started.

Tens of millions of dollars will be spent for commercials and social media to encourage people to participate.  Polls show very few people understand they must  have qualified health insurance on January 1, 2014, or pay a penalty.

It is fascinating to watch this story unfold, as it is truly unprecedented in our country’s history.  Soon we will know whose predictions are accurate but one thing we know for sure – the health insurance marketplace will be totally different in 2014.